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An old proverb conveys a timeless truth: Home is where the heart is! A home is any place where we live with people we love and give our best to them. Sparks Nazarene is our home. It is where we, TOGETHER, care for one another, care for our community and world, and grow in our relationship to Jesus Christ. A home is more than a building, it is a place to honor and care for, so that the love present there can be nurtured in safety and confidence. My heart is for my church, because it is a home that I share with people I love and who love Jesus. My Heart, My Home is year-long emphasis allowing us the opportunity to care for the church we call home.

A Note from Pastor Todd

Along with the pastoral staff, key church leaders, and our church board, I am privileged to introduce to you the following vision God has given us to care for and expand our facilities over the next seven years to accommodate our growing church, its ministries, and its outreach to our world. Our church is growing in every age group, and we are entering a new phase of ministry to outreach to all the people of Reno/Sparks through Worship, Word, Family Ministry, World Missions, and Personal Discipleship. We are hoping to raise, with God’s help and your obedience, $1.5 million over the next seven years, over and above our current income level. These funds will allow us to be debt free and have a campus designed to reach our community for Jesus Christ. Phase one of this effort begins August 1, 2017 and runs one full year until July 31, 2018. The goal for phase one is to raise $165,000 for some much needed repairs and improvements to our parking lot, family life center roof, sanctuary, foyer, and a more reliable van for our growing community ministry needs. I hope you will join the My Heart, My Home leadership team in helping us create an environment for our ministries that is second to none.  

  - Pastor Todd

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